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HR Desk

HR Desk - Sampark Global Logistics is a growing company- having the belief in learning process. We always try to enhance the skills of employees by providing them on job Training / giving them  every chance to participate in Seminars under the guidance of Experts. We always try to enhance leadership skills & competency us our employees.

To maintain Employee Satisfaction, we are having Software – ABSO HR Software. To check employee satisfaction (on Semiannually/Annually basis), we do survey- Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS).

Following are Ethical Principals – Sampark Global is having-

  • Our employees always feel free to share their thoughts/ideas and concerns.
  • All employees have winning, learning aptitude
  • All employees are very helpful to new joinees
  • Everyone is equipped with latest Technology
  • We provide them excellent Working environment
  • We have Quick Grievance Solution Department to address the grievances of our employees