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  • Specialized
  • Workforce
  • Hi-Technology
  • Economical
  • Excellent Consultant
  • Feedback
  • Multimodal Services
  • Value Added Services
  • Quick Decision
  • Strong Operations
  • Flexible Organisation
  • Transparent Working
  • Timely Complaint Resolutionx
  • Customer Support
  • Criticality of Manufacturing Line


It is specialized for handling the Shipments of Automotive sectors which are ment for Air/ Train mode.


Sampark Global is maintaining a pool of suitably Qualified, Integrated, Dedicated, Futuristic, Result Oriented, well experienced, interactive & committed staff that is always ready to provide satisfactory & cost effective services to customers with disciplined execution. Staff is imbibed with winning & learning attitude with positive glimpse.


It is designed to enhance the reliability of Operations to provide the satisfactory Service level leading to Time & Cost saving like- Online Tracking, E-SMS and MIS etc.



Sampark Global provides an Economical transportation system.

Excellent Consultant

We provide consultancy to customers without charging extra cost as and when required as - keeping in consideration their urgency, we connect material in cost effective flight etc.


Feedback is a necessary tool for any company/organisation to strong pillars- where company is lying in actuality. We take periodic feedback not only from Customer but from Vendors also to smoothen our Operations & to customize Services.

Multimodal Services

We provide multimodal Services - which is unique feature of us. We connect material (after seeing the availability of concern flights/trains) upto some destinations through one mode after this (if that mode is not available) feasible connecting mode.

Value Added Services

We provide value added services to customers like-

  • Centralized Billing
  • Free warehousing
  • BOD/COD Services 
  • Key Accounts Manager
  • Easy approach to Top Management
  • No consolidation of loads in Origins & Destinations

Quick Decision

Strong & quick decision making power is very crucial for any Organisation in present scenario. Through this instrument, base of organisation becomes strong. The Organisation is able to provide Cost effective & satisfactory Services. Organisational growth is directly propotional to market value.

Strong Operations

Backbone of Logistics industry lays in its Operations. Our strong operations is having following bold points-

  • Special Cutoff at Airport/Railway station to upliftment/clearing of the Shipments
  • We move Shipments through Via Mode also (no extra cost).
  • Try to provide Cost effective Services to Customers.

Flexible Organisation

Flexibility is one of the traits of growing Service Industry & Sampark Global is having the same. As a flexible Organisation, we customized our Services as per needs of the Customers & convenience without extra cost as- we not only Pickup the Shipments as per Customer wishes whether Morning, Evening or Late night but also delivering the same.

Transparent Working

Sampark Global believes in Transparency of working scenario. We update customers instantly time if there is any Offloading/no Air or Train connectivity possible. In certain unforseen situations if we are unable to deliver the concern Shipments on Specified time so that they can be mentally prepared. Simultaneously other contingency plan is worked out.

Timely Complaint Resolution

As soon as complaint is registered in complaint box - our designated team starts to work immediately in the resolution of the concern.

Customer Support

Due to all time presence of excellent customer support team - all relevant queries of customers are sorted out.

Criticality of Manufacturing Line

We are well versed with the fact that in case of stoppage in Manufacturing line - not only compnay will incur monitorially loss but its reputation will also be at stake. We care for our customers in every aspect.